24 July 2022

Stage 3 TDLF: The Queen Stage

This was an unexpectedly epic ride. It was cold and cloudy when we left the cabin - very unlike recent weather.  We rode the 6 miles to the main trailway, and turned west.  The track here is wide and in good shape, but with a strong headwind and heavy rain the day before had left lots of puddles.  We got to Whitbourne without difficulty and stocked up on provisions. 

We picked up the branch line next to the community garden. It looked a little unpromising, so I asked an older gentleman if it was the old track. He looked doubtful, then said yes, but you won’t get through like that.  It did look a little wet… and oddly low lying for a track bed. 
Unfortunately for us, it got worse. Not just wet but mud. Proper Newfoundland bog seemed to have swallowed the track bed. But we didn’t let that stop us!
We did get through to the Trans Canada, where the track passes into a culvert, and then becomes a gravel road through to Blaketown, but I really wouldn’t encourage anyone to try it. 

After passing the foot of Dildo pond, the track runs up the east side of the pond before turning inland towards Broad cove junction , where the line turns off towards Tilton and Harbour Grace. This segment was also pretty wet, but less boggy.  

At Broad cove Junction we turned west, towards Trinity Bay and cold beer (for me) in Dildo. The track here is dry and fairly stable. 

Really glad we did this route, but it was not easy. Some sections we were on foot more than on our bikes! 

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