26 July 2022

2022 Dorman Family Tour de Little France report

We’ve done some good riding over the past two weeks. Unfortunately, the extreme heat warning suggested that we shouldn’t try to finish the final stage of our ride - across the barrens to close the loop. It was this section of branch line — seen on an old map that my parents had on the wall after they moved to Harbour Grace  — that inspired us to start riding them.  But there’s always next year….

Many many thanks to everyone who supported us along the way, with encouragement and donations. Especially my mother who worried about us and her neighbour Timmy who kindly loaned us a bike! We couldn’t have done it without them. We rode 72.52 miles (116 km) on challenging terrain and thanks to your generosity, we more than exceeded our fundraising goals!

For those who are feeling inspired, there’s lots more branch lines out there to ride! 

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