21 January 2015

The 5 wackiest claims about 20mph so far...

In case you've missed these, apparently:

1. It’s too difficult to drive at 20mph 
"It will not help with road safety at all, people don't even go 30mph, so makes you think we can stick to 20mph? It is very hard to drive that slow, we have been taught to drive at 30mph, so it's almost natural, do you know what I mean by that?"  (from a taxi driver).

2. 20mph will be more dangerous
A 20mph limit in Edinburgh will caused more accidents and incidents from road rage";  "I agree that motorists will get upset at cyclists roaring past them, so revenge is foreseeable as will be "accidents";  20mph signs "will have the complete opposite impact on safety around schools to what the clowncil are trying to do. I feel that most people will ignore these new limits and it may cause them to be less aware of their speed around schools etc as all they will see is another 20mph sign"

3. Cyclists will be too scared to cycle if traffic moving at 20mph  "My self a driver, cyclist & pedestrian in Edinburgh i have been chatting to allot of people who are in the same boat and i have asked their opinion on 20 mph limits on Main Busy roads whilst cycling, and around 85% are saying they will now think twice about cycling as they will feel more put at riskdrivers will be frustrated with going slow, stuck in traffic and cyclists getting more ahead." 

4. Enforce a no Jaywalking law, because that's much easier than enforcing 20mph zones
"Jaywalking is a perfectly reasonable safety measure and much cheaper to implement than making Edinburgh a 20 mph city"  [despite the fact that it goes against the Highway code]

5. We should be putting the speed limit up not down. "Due to the fact that when the speed limits where made car brakes weren't that gd. But now brakes are far more advance and can stop in more than half the stated distance of cars from the days when the laws where passed. Plus all these car have been run of the road by the scrapage scheme. we all have new cars now so theres no reason why the limits shouldn't go up"

I've spared you the personal attacks, threats and generally ill-informed nonsense. 


Stephan Matthiesen said...

How disappointing that the critics have so little creativity. Aren't all these claims just variations of "drivers will be frustrated & vent their anger at somebody"?

I think we can do much better. How about:

a) Slower speed means more time spend sitting in a car, so hard-pressed motorists will have less exercise and obesity will explode.

b) Stop the EU birocats, I mean beautocrax, eh, well you know what I mean. They are forcing their socialist nanny state on us, and the sheeple in the clowncil have already been brainwashed.

c) Think of the kids. (I can't work out what this argument is about, but it is a strong one. Or do YOU want to harm the kids?).

d) If this nonsense isn't stopped, I threaten never to drive again and walk instead.

Bill said...

Number 5: "More than half"?
I can run 100m in "more than half" the time it takes Usain Bolt.....

Becky T said...

Possibly more than you need to know about the roots of "jaywalking", and how the 1920s US motor industry turned formerly public spaces into thoroughfares to serve its own ends.