17 March 2014

HelmetcamMom rides to the rescue

I've blogged about our school run several times, and in particular about my frustration with people who insist on dropping their kids off right at the front gate of the school (because then they have to drive down a cul-de-sac and reverse in ways that endanger pedestrians and cyclists,  The crazy thing, is they don't save any time.  It just gets their kids a few inches closer to the school gate.  Although everyone else pales before the memory of the large van which after dropping its precious cargo tried to reverse back over the pedestrian crossing that others people's precious cargo was using. 

But today, I was HelmetcamMom, and I took pictures.  Of  the 4x4 above that was too big to turn, and the driver below who thought reversing onto a pavement that was full of kids and buggies was a good idea (i've cropped the pictures to hide the kids, but it was thronged, or would have been if they'd not all been standing still waiting for him to complete his manoeuvre.

And, low and behold, not only did it get a few retweets (thanks!), but also a blog-post, and some nibbles of interest from the print media.The lesson is clear a picture really is worth a 1000 blogposts.

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