12 April 2013

Why people stop cycling...

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This is a lovely intersection that I go through most mornings. There are at least 3 primary schools in the vicinity, and myriads of nurseries. It's also a main throughfare between two much used parts of the off-road network. So lots of bikes, and as you can see, a pretty decent layout for cyclists wanting to cross at the Toucan crossing.

But, earlier this year a neighbour of mine was knocked off here by a supermarket delivery van turning left. My friend was going straight on like the royal mail van.  (Oh, and he thought he was okay, but was later rushed into hospital for emergency surgery). Not nice.

And then this morning, as I coasted up the little ramp on the left, I saw a dad with a bright eyed toddler on the back nearly get left-hooked in exactly the same place by a blue Volkswagon that, just like the Tesco van, some how 'didn't see' the cyclist who had been coming straight down the hill for some distance.

This wasn't a cyclist who had just nipped into the car's near-side or anything else.  The dad had been cycling safely and carefully along. The kid had give me a big wide-eyed look as they went by, clearly enjoying the ride. And it came so close to tragedy.   Just because of inattention on the driver's part.

I really hope this dad doesn't stop cycling his wee boy to nursery, but I wouldn't blame him if he did.


John said...

I saw the usual taxi in the bike lane on the way in this morning outside the Missoni hotel, not in the bay but in front of them, hazards on. Great I though as I pulled round him. Kind of felt guilty as there was a disabled person getting into the cab in an electric wheelchair using the ramp.

As I drove down the Mound, another taxi pulled into the bike lane, well half way anyway as there was a van turning right and he stopped. There wasn't enough room for him to pass even in the bike lane. As I passed him on the inside he moved forwars and started cutting further into the bike lane, still couldn't get past but almost knocked me off my bike, he was inches from me. I pointed out the bike lane in no uncertain terms. He just drove on, as if nothing had happened when the van moved.

Two run ins with taxis in a very short space, the first was excusable, the second wasn't, a driver who didn;t look in his mirrors.

Sara Dorman said...

I've had many a bad encounter on GIV myself. frustrating as it is so wide, and could be so much better!