06 December 2014

Induced demand

A letter to my MSPs

Spokes has asked us all to write to our MSPs.  Here's my effort:

As you doubtless know, the Autumn statement has generated some new
'Barnett consequentials'. It would be great if some of these could be
dedicated to cycling infrastructure.

We all know that if you build roads, then cars magically appear to fill
them. If we do the same with cycle infrastructure, we might get someway
towards reaching the CAPS 'vision' of 10% of journeys being made by
bike by 2020.

Otherwise, we have no hope of making this vision a reality, and
Scotland will reap the whirlwind of higher demand on the health
service, congestion, and greenhouse gas promotion (another target not

But, with more infrastructure we stand a chance of making the
Minister's recent 'Vision' of a more active, healthier and happier
Scotland a reality - and that's the Scotland I want to bring my
children up in.

1 comment:

Dave H said...

Lets actually get a programme to remove car parking from city and town centres, and convert the space for better use.

Outside the peak hours we have vast and barren wastes of tarmac-covered ground, some of this isn't even used during the peak times either. Reduce the road space and the motor traffic goes away - just as the lengthy closure of Newington Road (for road works) proved many years ago.