21 May 2013

We're not #bloodycyclists, We're everyone

If one message came out of this year's Pedal on Parliament, it's that we're not 'cyclists', we're everyone.   The wonderful Sally Hinchcliffe put this down in words and it was picked up by the Herald, and Scotsman.
This is the start of our 140+ feeder ride to the main Pedal on Parliament

We often say that cycling infrastructure needs to be for everyone from 8-80 and on Sunday friends of mine from many different walks of life - work, sunday school, pub mates - were there ranging in age from babes in arms to octogenarians (My friend Bill is desperate to know if he was the oldest again :)

Right now, on twitter there's a campaign to reclaim the hashtag #bloodycyclists.  As @citycyclists said "Let's get 'I'm one of the " trending? I bike. I don't want to be bloody because some idiot doesn't like my transport choice" This is in response to the dangerous and very foolish young driver in Norfolk, who knocked a cyclist into a hedge, lost her side mirror, and kept going only to tweet about it.

Yes. the double meaning makes it extra powerful. And some of the testimonies are very powerful. Like others, I too have been a #bloodycyclist. And I'm terrified my kids will be too.

But I'm not just a #bloody cyclist. I'm also a mum, a teacher, a member of our parish church, and most importantly a voter.

We're not #bloodycyclists. We're everyone.

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