05 February 2006


Scotland 20-16 France. Almost makes up for Cameroon losing!


Cameroon lost! and there go my chances of winning our football sweepstakes. It takes all the fun out of watching the final too. More seriously I discovered that Philippe Rushton (yes, that Philippe Rushton) published an article in Nations and Nationalism - a journal that I was quite proud of publishing in earlier the same year. I cringe at the idea that we will be bound in the same volume. How vile. Still debating whether or not to protest to the editors. Advice?

29 January 2006

nearly there Posted by Picasa

Working weekend

This has been a working weekend - with a bit of procrastination, obviously. Last weekend, though, we climbed Ben Lomond
(above). This was a major inspiration for me to either set up a web-site or start this blog. The blog seemed easier -- if just as self-indulgent. Lots of people (mostly family) have already had pictures emailed to them. I'm hoping that in future I can just put pictures here instead. We'll see how it goes. (the picture on the first post is from the Pentlands - just 'hills' while Ben Lomond is a Munro, which means it is a mountain.) Cheers!

28 January 2006

Saturday night in the People's Republic of Leith

Amazing what inspiration can be provided by a plateful of spaghettini al granchio and a bottle of white wine....after thinking about it for a while, decided to plunge into the blogger lifestyle. Companion here thought it was a good idea too. Hopefully I can convince him to contribute. He also deserves credit for most of the photos. We'll see how it goes. I mostly want somewhere to post the occasional picture and natter on. Inspired by Craig & Dups 's blogs, thought I would have a go. I wurffle about politics all the time at work, so won't have too much of that in the blog, but do check back for some pictures of Newfoundland, Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Scotland. Cheers!